Build the right customer interface, services and organisation

Casting aside tin and wires, legacy processes and restrictive contracts is only part of being prepared for the internet age.

Public organisations and businesses need clear thinking to rationalise, redesign, and re-platform their services, to build the skills, culture, and partnerships to support these, and to ensure they are secure. And they need to do all this while maintaining business as usual.

Methods is a digital heavy lifter. We are good at building your future digital organisation because we are realistic about your legacy. We can help you move pragmatically from one to the other.

Customer successes

Home Office

Taking control of IT services
Methods shaped the new Service Operating Model to enable the Home Office to take control of their IT services following a major contract insource – including configuring and transitioning of the service to ITSM ServiceNow.

Scottish Government

Taking control of core capability
Methods was instrumental in helping design and pilot the first ever native-cloud government department. We re-architected benefits services using a capability-led approach, ensuring that components can be infinitely re-used from the cloud in the future.

Adur & Worthing Council

Putting citizens in control
We partnered with Adur and Worthing to pioneer a component-based re-architecting of UK local government.  We used cloud-based platforms to dramatically improve the user experience and citizen engagement.


Can we help you take control?

Service management

We understand that service failure is not an option.  Ensure that BAU remains stable throughout periods of change, by running your live service safely and securely.

Application rationalisation

Start to rationalise your application estate and move to a more consumption-based service model using tried and tested techniques.

Data pooling & sharing

Clean, rationalise, and migrate your data from legacy into commonly shareable environments safely and securely, using the latest tools and technology.

New workforce

Work with us to understand your future skills needs, conduct workforce planning and education, and evolve your organisation structure.