We create digital services that meet the needs of your users

Digital services should be designed for function and intuition. They must flow. So when building a new service – or redesigning one that already exists – it is essential to understand what the user expects.

Intelligently-designed services encourage users to return. They can also improve efficiency and push down costs. This might be through channel shifting (say, by moving customers from phone to web), yielding good usage data, and cutting down the need for human processes.

Our researchers and service designers help organisations see things through the eyes of the demanding customer. Analysis of behaviours and transactional data, layered with deep insight from interviews and focus groups, forms the foundation for our design.

Service Design 101


Service design and user research capabilities

Our offering include:

  • User research
  • Usability testing
  • Interaction design
  • Customer-centric service design
  • Rapid prototyping

Why work with us

Build a service based on user needs

Our service design team helps you get an understanding of who your users are and what they need from your service. Our user-centric approach to service design has consistently helped our clients pass GDS assessments and deliver digital services that meet the needs of their users.

Designing your future service

We map your existing services end-to-end from a customer perspective and use research to understand customer pain points, user journeys and constraints. We then project how your service would present in the future, map customer journeys, and build a blueprint of a customer-centric service architecture. Where required, we can build a prototype to test.

Use design to improve efficiency

User research and service design are not just about making life simpler for users. They also help to create a more efficient organisation.

Designing a user-friendly website helps reduce incoming phone calls because visitors can easily find what they are looking for. This in turn means you can operate more efficiently and ultimately reduce costs.

Experienced team of user researchers

Understanding users’ behaviours, needs, and motivations can only be achieved through research. Our team of researchers have expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research, including interviews, lab sessions and focus groups.

Need to design a digital service?

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