We get clients from digital thinking into digital delivery

Many of our clients are under pressure to deliver better services more efficiently. Digital transformation can lead to a multitude of solutions for your customer, but it’s not easy to know where to start.

Digital disruption can make or break organisations, so transformation needs to be approached carefully.

Our experienced digital transformation team helps large and complex organisations – including an array of government departments – move towards digital business models.

By identifying clients’ capability needs, we advise on how to simplify, standardise and share solutions to meet common capability needs in a more modular and flexible way – thereby saving money by reducing complexity and duplication.

Our rapid discovery approach helps senior management understand their organisation’s business landscape and identify opportunities for improvement.

Digital strategy capabilities

Our discovery service covers:

  • User need diagnosis
  • Service and technology landscape assessment
  • Value chain and capability mapping (Wardley Mapping)
  • Roadmapping your digital future
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Service design

Why work with us

Capability-led transformation

Every organisation has a set of business capabilities they use to deliver their services - they include people, process, information and technology capabilities.

We audit your existing business capabilities and identify what capabilities are needed in order to deliver services to customers. This technique helps us surface what can be rationalised, standardised, re-used and shared to meet common capability needs in a more modular and flexible way across the organisation.

Read Michael Beaven’s article to find out more: 5 steps to deliver better public sector services.

Rapid discovery and roadmapping

We offer a rapid prototyping service which allows our clients to create an Alpha solution that can be tested with real users in a short space of time. Ultimately, our job is to get our clients get started and moving towards delivery.

Our service design team will be on hand to make to make sure your digital product meets with user needs.

Proven public sector experience

Methods understands government and its idiosyncrasies. Our proven public sector expertise means our clients are in safe hands.

We are also the only digital consultancy to have influenced and advised the Cabinet Office on re-using digital components and open utility platforms as a way of saving public money.

Wardley Mapping

We offer Wardley Mapping workshops as part of our Discovery package.

Wardley Mapping is a powerful strategic tool to help you visualise where your business capabilities and service components sit and how they all relate to each other. This methodology helps break down complexity, visualise duplication and opportunities for efficiencies.

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Case Studies

Digital strategy

Methods partnered with DWP to devise a coherent and consistent strategic roadmap for a digital-first DWP. Our capability-led approach has unearthed huge potential savings opportunities.