Benefits Management is a way of managing resources to result in the desired outcomes.

Benefits Management is a way of managing resources and assets to result in the desired and optimal outcomes. It encompasses identifying the purpose of investing in change, a way to measure success and a set of activities to ensure you succeed, so should be central to any programme of change. It is not only concerned with identifying and quantifying outcomes but also about establishing effective governance and supporting activities to ensuring they are achieved.

Methods offers a comprehensive benefits management package of services. Benefits management includes features such as benefits quantification, benefits management maturity assessment and tracking. Methods has worked with UK Visas and Immigration, Essex Police and the National Physical library with benefits management.


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To ensure that the development of the Benefits Realisation Framework would create a sustainable engagement with staff members, the first phase of Methods’ engagement placed emphasis on reviewing the existing benefits it was seeking to achieve and reflecting these to staff members through interactive workshop sessions.

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