The Challenges

Need to deliver
value quickly

Meet citizens’ raised
expectations AND reduce cost

Translate digital vision into
achievable projects

Stalled transformation

Accelerate digital
transformation programmes

Desired independence
from 3rd parties

The Problem

In an age of unprecedented cuts to the front line, should councils continue to spend precious funds running their own, ‘special’ versions of common digital services, when instead we could all just stream them more cheaply, and better, like iPlayer?

The Solution

At Methods, we believe that there’s a huge opportunity for our local authorities to move from existing ‘Blockbuster’ models of service delivery and behave – and save – like Netflix. We believe that this, inevitable, shift to a real digital service model lies at the heart of tackling all of your challenges.

Our Approach

We’re building open source libraries of capabilities, service patterns and digital service assets that belong to everyone – an open repository of the common business processes that power digital services in local government. By sharing and re-using these, we accelerate digital transformation of customer-facing services – delivering better services, more cheaply.

Our Partner 

In order to stream capabilities, service patterns and service assets as if they were on iPlayer (or Netflix), we need, an iPlayer (or Netflix). Accordingly, Methods has partnered with cloud-based PaaS provider JADU. JADU shares our public-sector values and commitment to stream digital services and accelerates transformation, delivering better value for citizens.

How do we do it?

Our open source libraries of capabilities, patterns and digital service assets provide ‘digital commons’ – an open repository of common business processes that power local Government. Based on a technology agnostic, platform approach, we can quickly assess your service landscape and create an achievable plan to reuse existing common service patterns and technology to accelerate digital transformation of your customer-facing services.

Accelerated Digital

Co-production &
Knowledge Transfer

Reuse common
capabilities & patterns

Achievable & prioritised
Delivery Plans

Methods know Local Government

We’re passionate about local public services and many of our people are drawn from local government and public sector backgrounds. Working with so many local authorities across the country, we recognise that whilst there are clear differences in local needs and political and organisational circumstances, everybody is on a digital journey to transform their organisation.


Can we help you with something imaginative?

Service Design

Working collaboratively with you, we build an end-to-end, front-to-back picture of how your current service operates. We work in tandem with user researchers to map how well the service meets user needs, creating a visual representation of the current state so that everyone understands how it can be improved.

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Discovery & Blueprint

An accelerated discovery and blueprint will enable you to understand your business and identify the opportunities for digital transformation. Develop the outputs required to define the blueprint for your future state and create a roadmap that sets out the optimum sequence of initiatives required to complete your transformation journey.

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Would you like to find out more?

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Head of Local Government Practice

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