What we do

Methods is the leading digital transformation partner for the UK public sector.
We bring innovation, bespoke development, and service management capability to align UK public services around citizens and safeguard them for future generations.


Methods empowers you to:

  • Standardise and consume commodity technology
  • Use digital technology to reconfigure around the customer

Very unusually, we are experts in both.

Break free

Legacy businesses are complex and supplier-dependent; they also struggle to share, re-use, learn, partner, and adapt.

Methods helps you evolve from your legacy – and we lead the field.

Take control

Breaking free is just the start. You need clear thinking to rationalise, redesign, and re-platform your services and ensure they are secure. You also need to build new skills, culture, partnerships, and maintain business as usual.

Methods is a digital heavy lifter. We support your entire journey, and leave you in control.

Why work with us

Long-standing public sector experience

We have 25 years’ expertise supporting UK public services across central and local government.

Consistent thought leadership

We are acknowledged as ‘go to’ thought-leaders on Digitizing Government. We can energise colleagues and help you build consensus about the path ahead.

We are digital heavy lifters

We are the only govtech partner spanning legacy migration and ground-breaking digital builds.  We are pragmatic and realistic about your current environment.

Tried and tested techniques to reduce complexity and duplication

We bring cutting edge techniques such as value chain mapping to help you build clarity about where to focus.

We are on your side

Methods people care deeply about safeguarding our public services for future generations.

Proven platform capabilities

We use platform technologies to build and deliver prototypes in weeks and full implementations quickly and cost-effectively.